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In-store Items

Directions to
Stacey's Vintage Art Boutique:

You may be able to purchase these pieces through the website.  Please CONTACT ME.  I will check availability, and ship your order anywhere in the US for free!  If you are local and want to pay at the store when you pick your order up, I will have your item(s) reserved for you at the checkout counter.  Stacey's Vintage Art Boutique is home to nearly 100 local artists who wouldn't otherwise be able to have a "storefront" to display our creations.  The aisles are wide, so maintaining social distancing isn't an issue!

* Please note, due to time constraints, very few items available in-store are actually listed on the website.  Your patience and understanding is so appreciated while I try to make time for everything that comes with owning a business, having a busy family, and working full time as well  💜

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