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  • Are you able to recreate a piece to look just like one that has already sold?
    Nearly all the stones I use are natural minerals, so no two are going to be identical. Additionally, because I handwrap and weave my pieces, it's nearly impossible to duplicate. I am sometimes able to make a piece look similar to one that's sold, but I am unable to make exact replicas.
  • Can I buy something you have in your store through the website?
    ABSOLUTELY... Quite possibly :-) If there's something stocked at the store that you want to purchase but either don't live local or for whatever reason can't make it to the store to get it, contact me... the sooner the better! If it hasn't already sold, I'll grab it and make it possible for you to purchase through the website. I'll even ship it to you at no additional cost.
  • Where do you buy your stones?
    Nearly all my supplies are purchased from small US based companies. Most of my cabochon vendors are geologists and rock hounds who started their own lapidary business. I could save quite a bit of money purchasing stones overseas, but I really feel it's important to do whatever I can to support small businesses like mine. All my beads are purchased from small US based companies as well. I only buy wire from 2 vendors... and they aren't importing anything. Both companies manufacture their goods right here in the US.
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