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Randi's Zen Creations, Harrisburg, SD

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Randi's Zen Creations Logo
Randi S. Merrill, Owner/Designer

Unless otherwise noted, the beads and cabochons used to produce these items are natural minerals and fossils. 

No artificial dyes, and no lab created stones.


When you shop here, you are supporting several small American based businesses simultaneously.  I could save a

lot of money buying wire and stones from companies overseas, but I prefer supporting US vendors... ESPECIALLY

small businesses like mine.  Most of my minerals are purchased from geologists and rock-hounds who are lapidarists

running their own mom-and-pop shops where each cabochon is individually cut, shaped, and meticulously polished by hand. 

These artisans truly love what they do and take enormous pride in everything they create.

Energy Clearing and Charging


Every crystal, fossil and mineral that enters my home is cleared of potential lingering negative energy using any number of the following:  Palo

Santo, sage (white or blue), lavender, rosemary, juniper, cedar, yerba santa, mugwort, or a variety of other herbal smudge sticks I keep on hand. 

When the clearing is complete, I boost the positive energies with Reiki using intentions of spiritual healing and love.

All finished pieces are cleared and charged again before being sent to their new home.  If you have any special blessing requests, please leave me a message upon checkout.

~ Thank you for supporting American based small businesses ~
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